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DE/SEMBLE Festival

Regina Fisch is currently working as the founding director of DE/SEMBLE Festival Vienna. 

DE/SEMBLE is a music festival that focuses on jazz and experimental music, aiming to push boundaries in its programming. The first festival edition consists of a series of standalone events, each featuring different concerts, improvisations, and performances. The festival spotlights underrepresented instruments and musicians while artistically challenging stereotypes in instrumentation. Through collaborations with interdisciplinary artists and the incorporation of club culture, DE/SEMBLE creates unique concert experiences for diverse audiences.

Artists we worked with

Damsel Elysium, Mona Matbou Riahi, Miriam Adefris, Lukas Kranzelbinder, Yvonne Moriel Quartet, Judith Ferstl Bass Ensemble, LAN REX, Manu Mayr, Duo Hofmaninger/ Schwarz, Sarvin Hazin, ChiaoHua Chang, Well Behaved, GISCHT, Anna Tsombanis, Sofia Labropoulou, Alireza Toghyani, GISCHT, Agnes Hvizdalek, Jakob Schneidewind, Klimentina Li, Bernhard Rasinger, Sofia Labropoulou uvm.


Lemonaid, Muschicraft, Chaya Collective, Reaktor 


Regina Fisch is working as the communication and marketing manager at Salam Music Festival Vienna. 

Salam Music & Arts Festival is a music, art, and cultural festival that has been taking place for more than 20 years at various locations throughout Vienna, spanning over 10 days each spring. While the main focus is on music from the Arab world and beyond, the diverse spectrum of the program also includes visual arts, literature, dance, and performance. With its wide range, Salam Music aims to inspire a versatile and curious audience and providing an exciting festival experience.

Artists we worked with: Bab L' Buz, Bedouin Burger, Aita Mon Amour, Gaye Su Akyol, Rasha Nahas, Nabyla Maan, Orwa Saleh, Majid Bekkas, Le Cri du Caire, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Ghalia Benali,  Golnar Shahyar, Mahan Mirarab uvm.

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